Considering the overwhelming success that the BTX form factor has created, it seems odd that AMD would go about creating their own form factor, but that is exactly what they have done.  The DTX comes in 2 sizes, the full 9.6″ x 8″ and mini-DTX boards that are 6.7″ x 8″.  This is an attempt to standardize SFF cases, with the added bonus that these board will also line up with the mounting holes in ATX cases.  If you have a SFF case that you love, you will still be able to use it with these new boards, although there will also be cases designed to hide behind LCD monitors.  AnandTech can give you the full scoop in their article.

“At the beginning of 2007 AMD unexpectedly announced the intention to develop a new, open motherboard and chassis form factor, entitled DTX (because CTX was a monitor company?).

The idea behind DTX was to finally standardize small form factors for use by white box PC builders and the enthusiast community, both areas where BTX has not been able to really penetrate.

While Intel’s BTX spec has been well implemented by the major OEMs, a quick search on Newegg reveals ATX/BTX compliant towers and two motherboards, both from Intel. We simply don’t build BTX systems, which is unfortunate because it means that there’s no real standardization in use for small form factor PCs by enthusiasts.”

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