TweakTown managed to get a sneak preview of the two X38 board that ASUS is working on, the Maximus.  It will come in two flavours, just like the P35 Blitz series did.  Some of the nicer features include 2 full x16 PCI Express 2.0 slots, and a third that can be used, although it will cause the second 16x to reduce to 8x and give the other 8x to that 3rd slot.  There is also an new and interesting feature called Express Gate, a 512MB flash drive soldered onto the motherboard that runs a compact version of Linux.

“We paid a visit to Asus’ head office in Taipei on Friday and we got some exclusive pictures of their upcoming Maximus Extreme X38 board and some information about it and some of their other X38 products. There will be two different Maximus board in the R.O.G. family, the Extreme which we’re looking at here and the Formula. Asus has already done this kind of thing once before with its P35 R.O.G. boards, the Blitz Extreme and the Blitz Formula.”

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