Legion Hardware looks at OCZ’s ruggedized flash drives, which could probably also be used to signal planes from the ground.  I suppose that if you are taking your flash drive diving or offroading, then it is useful to be able to spot the things from a half mile away.  They reviewed both the 4GB and 8GB models, but currently only the 4GB model shows up on Pricegrabber.

“The ATV series have proven to be as durable as OCZ claimed them to be, as we have found these flash drives to be both water and shock resistant. Over the past 2 weeks we have gone out of our way to be as rough and as careless as possible with these flash drives, but it would seem for typical day to day usage there is little chance anyone is going to damage these tough flash drives. So not only do you get a lifetime warranty with the ATV flash drives, but you also get a product that should be extremely difficult to damage anyway.”

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