If you have been busily collecting Fatal1ty brand parts, you will need to get your hands on the Creative Sound Blaster X-FI Xtreme Gamer Fatal1ty ProFrom the results of the review that OCC finished, you may want to get it anyways.  It is easy to set up to listen to what you want, but there is also a control panel that will allow you some serious ways to fiddle with every aspect of your audio, and it sounds great.

“I went to the Fatal1ty website and noticed its advert for Bioshock, which intrigued me. So for this test, I used Bioshock and GRAW 2. Bioshock is a creepy game to begin with, so adding this sound card didn’t turn this into a fluffy-bunny game for me at all. When entering a room, you hear the various voices of the little sisters all around you. If the movie Children of the Corn has taught you anything, then you know demonic kids are creepy as hell. The Fatal1ty card plunges you right into the game. Each fire crackle and scraping step can be heard as clear as if it was in the room with you. When I switched over to GRAW 2, I noticed the 3D sound much more. Each step and every shot echoed perfectly. Everything was as crisp and as clear as if I was actually standing there being shot at. I could tell where every shot was coming from, having the competitive edge is what these gamer cards were designed for. I was surprised much less often then I was with the on-board sound.”

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