Intel’s new chipset seems quite fond of DDR3, giving it’s performance a small boost when compared to similarly clocked DDR2.   AnandTech didn’t have one of those boards handy for their testing of new modules from Corsair, Kingston and Cell Shock, but a P35 based board will do in a pinch.  The performance of DDR3 is rising rapidly, as the latencies fall, although the prices have not changed much.  If you can afford these newer DIMMs, you won’t be disappointed by their performance.

“In addition to the Super Talent and OCZ offerings, three new high-profile DDR3-1800 kits have been introduced in the last few weeks. Cell Shock is a new name from Germany, and they have quickly become the new darling of the extreme enthusiast. Corsair is very well known as an enthusiast memory manufacturer and introduced their DDR3-1800 shortly after we reviewed the OCZ memory. Kingston is the world’s largest memory manufacturer and has just introduced their DDR3-1800 (and DDR3-1625) memory kits.”

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