The new P29 through P31 BIOSes from EVGA allow the use of 1333MHz FSB CPUs, and so they are really quite popular with owners of the boards.  On the other hand, they also make it impossible to use 3rd party RAID cards, although there was no problems doing so on the previous P28 BIOS.  According to what The Inquirer noticed on the EVGA boards, this problem has been known for over a year, but neither nVIDIA or EVGA have stepped up to the plate and provided a solution.

“THERE IS lightly simmering discontent in the EVGA bulletin boards over a bug in the EVGA 680i chipset.

Users have been moaning for months that raid add in cards from P29 to P31 do not work with the beast. Some say that when on board Nvidia RAID is enabled the Adaptec BIOS won’t initialise. However if there is Nvidia RAID then Adaptec works fine.”

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