Have you ever thought about working in computer network security, or maybe are already in the industry?  Drop by the Networking Forum for a little guidance on how you can get into that career path, or offer some advice on the best things to learn and certificates to acquire, it is the month of security awareness after all.  One great way to keep things secure, and to help friends with their PCs remotely is SSH, and you can get some tips on setting it up properly on a Linux system in the Linux forum.

Hardware has always been constantly evolving, and the pace is accelerating.  This is not necessarily a bad thing when it comes to trying to fix obscure problems on PCs that were once top of the heap and have now been relegated to the obsolete pile.  Even if you don’t have today’s latest and greatest, getting help on the forums is still easy, since your older hardware was the greatest at one point.  That means someone on the forums had a system like it at one point, and that it wasn’t so long ago that they have forgotten all the tricks.  You might even be able to get a cheap upgrade at the trading post, there is a one man flea market there, and the stuff is going quick.