Crysis has certainly lived up to it’s promise of redefining the FPS genre … unfortunately for most gamers, it has redesigned it as a slide show.  The difference between high quality and medium quality goes far beyond just the turtles and other wildlife that appear at high, but the speed takes a huge impact as well.  Very High textures can only be chosen on a DX10 machine, but unless you are planning to play the game at 800×600, chances are you won’t be cranking this game to maximum.

Tech Spot has as good run through of the pre-release demo, showing the performance you can expect on a range of cards.  You can also see how Ryan and I spent Friday night, he with the supplied benchmarking tools, and my system taking on a night time, beach front firefight in the full PC Perspective article.

“Today we are going to see how the various mid-range and high-end graphics cards handle this new and exciting first person shooter. There will also be some brief visual quality comparisons along with some CPU scaling and DX9 vs. DX10 performance charts. The single-player demo supports both DX10 and DX9 rendering in Vista while Windows XP users are limited to DX9. While the game has been said to include 64-bit support, the demo can only be run in 32-bit mode, so there are no 32-bit vs. 64-bit comparisons just yet.”

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