The Acer AL2216W 22″ monitor isn’t really aimed at those looking for perfection, but rather those looking at getting a 22″ widescreen monitor for less than $300.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with the monitor, as you would expect from an Acer product, but 3dGameMan felt that there was something missing in some of the games they played.  For casual gamers or just for anyone whose eyes are getting a little less focused, the screen will be large enough to make you comfortable and the narrow profile will ensure it fits easily into any space.

“The Acer AL2216W is an awesome answer to the average user’s desire for a larger monitor. I would not venture so far to say that this monitor would satisfy the enthusiast gamer and HTPC purists out there, but this 22 inch LCD monitor has all the basic functionality that anybody can enjoy. The 1650×1050 resolution gives you enough real estate to have multiple windows open with enough room to work in each. While the contrast ratio is limited at 700:1, I find that most every application looks great. Some games like Bioshock and Crysis are not as rich as you would expect but still look great. Another note on the contrast; while working with the color settings, I was never able to get the monitor to my personal ‘just-right’ setting. I felt a bit let down with this result but was expected with the 700:1 ratio. With the marketed 5ms response time, the monitor did act in this fashion as ghosting was never once evident…”

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