Then it’s unlikely an alphabetized keyboard will either, but then again, you never know.  At Hardware Logic, you can get a look at the New Standard NSK 535R, which may help out with hunt and peck style typing, especially with the inclusion of the numpad as alternate key functions, on both sides of the alphabet.  It is definitely a unique way to set up a keyboard, but you will want to peruse the full review at HardwareLogic before you run out and buy one.

Like all old fads, the alphabetical approach is trying to make a comeback, or at least a partial one. New Standard Keyboards sent us their NSK 535R, a four row keyboard arranged alphabetically that targets hunt and peckers, or those otherwise unable to type without looking down. Will this new (old?) keyboard deep six the current standard QWERTY arrangement that dominates the desktop landscape today, or is it just another poseur that will sink into oblivion?”

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