Over at TweakTown is an analysis of 3 different cases, of 3 different sizes, from In Win.  The F430 mid-tower, the Alpha 360 Mini Tower and the Mountain Jade Tiny Tower are all very different in who they are aimed at.  Whether you are looking to house a full ATX motherboard, or a tiny little pico version, you won’t go wrong with these cases.

“In Win is a company that has been around for a long time. Founded in 1986, these folks have been in the business of making enclosures for over 20 years. Granted, back in those ancient times the enclosure was basically a beige colored box, but this is still a very long lived company in terms of computer component manufacturers.

With the advent of more modern looking and accessorized enclosures, In Win has grown with the market and is still offering enclosures that go beyond the basic OEM styling that others are still creating. This brings us to today’s article, a small roundup of three of the current product lineup being offered by In Win. This will include one ATX and two mATX enclosures that offer both looks and features.”

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