Push the button and it goes faster, or at least that is the theory behind MSI’s NX8600GT Twin Turbo.  Hardware Zone reviews the card, at the normal speeds and with the Turbo button pushed.  There is definitely a difference in performance, mostly thanks to the overclocking of the stream processors, but it does leave me with a question.  Who is going to buy this card and not push the Turbo button?

You can also get some great info on the world of DX10 games, and performance by reading through Ryan’s article comparing the performance of AMD and nVIDIA cards in single and dual setups.

“Remember the Turbo button that you hit to instantly boost your computer? That died out many years back but it’s not stopping MSI from reviving the halcyon days of Turbo mode with its latest graphics card, the MSI NX8600GT Twin Turbo. ”

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