Tweak Guides is celebrating the release of the Orange Box by revising their guide to tweaking the Source engine.  You can squeeze the last couple of FPS and give yourself a better visual experience, not just in HL2.2 but in Portal, Day of Defeat and other Source engine based games.

If you are more of an Unreal Tournament fan, then Ryan has a treat for you!  He’s been exhausting himself gathering screenshots and rating the performance of the game on nVIDIA and AMD/ATI cards.  Give yourself a nice sneak peek at 3 maps, and if you are running an 8800 series, 1600*1200 is easy.

“Over two years since its original release, with the coming of HL2: Episode 2, I’ve completed a major revision of the Half Life 2 & Source Engine Tweak Guide. The guide is now fully up to date with the latest build of the Source Engine; I’ve retested and documented a range of existing and new settings, including several new advanced tweaks, and even updated all the screenshot comparisons. Give it a read through if you run any Source-based game.”

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