The Kentsfeild is pretty much dead, with the 45nm Penryn coming soon, but there is one new model left to review.  The 3GHz core clock frequency and 1333MHz front-side bus, plus an 8MB L2 cache will add to it’s performance, but The Tech Report wants to see a serious increase to justify the chip’s $1000 dollar premium over the Q6600.

“Intel’s Core 2 Extreme QX6850 processor said its first hello to the world some months ago, and unusually, I totally whiffed on getting my review out at that time. In my defense, I had many things on my mind, including rebuilding our desktop-class CPU test rigs with new software and hardware, the latest and greatest stuff.

At any rate, I’ve finally finished my first round of tests with our all-new test setup, and we can now show you how Intel’s fastest quad-core desktop processor stacks up against a range of competitors–everything from the new Athlon 64 X2 6400+ to dual-socket monsters like AMD’s Quad FX and Intel’s V8 platform, just because we can. And, of course, we have new applications and the latest games, like BioShock and Team Fortress 2, in the mix. Keep reading for a cornucopia of quad-core goodness–but read quickly, before Intel replaces this CPU with a 45nm Penryn-based chip.”

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