With 500GB drives (and bigger) becoming cheap and easy to obtain, isn’t it time you did something about your CD collection?  It’s dusty, takes up a whole lotta room and their getting scratched, so follow the instructions and make sure you can torment your future offspring with all the music you love.  Sometimes CDs can be handy though, like when you have a machine you know is infected, and you need some way to scan it without starting the OS. 

Over in the Cases n’ Cooling forum, a mod that was started a long while ago is picking up steam again, although 56K users may knot get to see it.  There is also a possible tragedy happening in the Video forum, a member went out and bought a new 8800GTS 320MB, and it’s performing worse than a 6800 would, and in the audio forum a member is trying to avoid the issues many have experience with XiFis and Vista.