Keeping a smaller laptop cool is important, but it is the big 17″ or 19″ers that someone has managed to shoehorn an SLI setup into that really need serious cooling.  Dragon Steel Mods has posted a review of the Vizo Ninja II (Sumo Size) Laptop Cooler, for larger size notebooks.  It is the better part of 3 pounds of aluminium, so the portability isn’t wonderful, but your 17″ notebook isn’t made of feathers either.  It was certainly capable of cooling off a MacBook Pro.

“As a MacBook Pro user, I am always in search of ways of keeping my laptop running cooler. Today, I will be looking at the Ninja II Notebook Cooler from the folks at Vizo. The Ninja II is the latest version of Vizo’s notebook cooler line of products. While the original Ninja was designed for 8″ to 15″ laptops, the next version fits 15″-17″ large-size widescreen notebook PCs. ”

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