TechARP has a quick look at the 9000 series of Quads and Duos that Intel will be releasing November 11th.  With the smaller process comes higher speeds.  It looks like we will be waiting until January for dual-core Wolfdales, which will be labeled as the 8000 series, and will arrive in time to counter the triple cored Barcelona chips that should be appearing at roughly the same time.

“Architecturally, the new 45 nm processors are similar to their 65 nm predecessors. The main differences are the inclusion of SSE4 instructions, a 50% larger L2 cache and of course, a smaller 45 nm process technology. What this means to the user is a moderate performance boost at the same TDP. Eventually, the smaller process technology will allow Intel to deliver higher clock speeds as well as low-wattage processors for lower power consumption.”

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