According to the Inquirer NVIDIA might have knocked off the 320MB version of the 8800 GTS in preparation for the upcoming G92 release.

We knew that Nvidia was planning to kill the 8800GTS 320MB in order to make room for the 65nm die-shrink that the world has come to know as G92.

But it turns out that you cannot order 320MB versions any more either, since it is being pronounced as an EOL (End of Life) product.

Next in line to go through a change is the 8800GTS 640MB, which is being tweaked up in order to live through the 512MB and 256MB versions of G92.

Nvidia decided to raise the specs by another 16 scalar shader units, so the 8800GTS will now feature 112 scalar shaders, 16 less than 8800GTX/Ultra. Clockspeeds remain the same, as do thermal and other specs.