The 8800GT has finally arrived, and it is probably going to upset people who invested in a 640MB GTS.  The Tech Report’s testing shows that this ~$200 card can compete with the 8800 GTS at a lower price.  This card pretty much obsoletes the 320MB version, and puts a big damper on the 8600 series, as you will get a better deal for your money by saving just a little extra.

Unlike the news from Intel, this graphics card won’t go unanswered by AMD.  Ryan has published some news about the full DX10.1 compatible RV670 graphics chipset.  Read his article to get an idea of the surprises AMD might just have for the enthusiast.

“And if you’ve played the Crysis demo, you’re probably really ready to upgrade. I’ve never seen a prettier low-res slide show.

Fortunately, DirectX 10-class graphics power is getting a whole lot cheaper, starting today. Nvidia has cooked up a new spin of its GeForce 8 GPU architecture, and the first graphics card based on this chip sets a new standard for price and performance. Could the GeForce 8800 GT be the solution to your video card, er, Crysis? Let’s have a look.”

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