It looks like the title of new miracle cure for heat has passed by carbon black.  It has taken too long in development, and is only used to a limited extent in thermal pads and grease.  A newish form of carbon, the nano-tube looks to be the next contender.  When [H]ard|OCP refers to them as 'forests', they are bang on … imagine tiny and flexible tunes finding their own way into the imperfections on the bottom of your heatsink, at the nanometre level.  Our days of grease spreading may be numbered.

Also, as promised on the Podcast, Lee's review of the new Reserator XT Hybrid Liquid cooling setup is now available at the top of the page.

"Researchers say that growing forests of carbon nanotubes onto the surfaces of computer chips will not only work better than conventional cooling but it will be cheaper too.

The two engineers recently have shown how to grow forests of tiny cylinders called carbon nanotubes onto the surfaces of computer chips to enhance the flow of heat at a critical point where the chips connect to cooling devices called heat sinks. The carpetlike growth of nanotubes has been shown to outperform conventional "thermal interface materials.""

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