Overclocker’s Club has reviewed a miniscule 1GB flash based MP3 player from Super Talent, the SmartClip.  They made it very easy to load songs onto it, just drag n’ drop in explorer, but it turned out to be much slower than the competition.  If it is small that you want, then this is probably as small as you can find right now.

“The SmartClip MP3 player is extremely small, measuring in at only 45.0mm x 28.0mm x 10.5mm. The front side of the MP3 player has a play/pause button (surrounded by a blue LED light, when powered on), volume up and down buttons (located below the play/pause button) and track forward and previous buttons (located above the play/pause button). Super Talent has used touch panel technology for the volume up and down buttons, as well as the track forward and previous buttons.”

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