This week saw the birth of a new forum, the Hardware Leaderboard forum.  Strangely enough,  it focuses on discussions about the components that Ryan puts into the 4 systems on the PCPerspective Hardware Leaderboard.  You can make alternate suggestions, debate why certain pieces should be included or removed, or even make suggestions on purpose built rigs, like a web server or a super cruncher for BOINC projects to give the Uncle B’s a run for their money.  It is new to this world, and requires a lot of attention to flourish, so make sure to drop by.

Owners of P35 based boards should check out the 3rd installment of our fearless overclocking mod’s OCing diaries, you can pick up specific tips as well as handy general info like what that FSB Strap to Northbridge setting is.  Watercooling can help you reach a higher clock than air cooling will allow, but it can be daunting to get into.  The guys in Cases ‘n Cooling are more than happy to answer any questions you might have. (about water cooling, that is)

Over in the memory forum, a member is learning that memtest86+ is a great tool, but it can’t predict all the problems you can see when stressing the whole system.  The only way to be sure you get a system that can handle any and all stress is to head over to The Trading Post and buy up everything you can, one combo of parts is certain to work!   While you are shopping, treat your ears to the latest and greatest in tech news, PCPer Podcast #14 is up!