Surge suppressors/protectors are something that everyone has, and if you don’t then read this article at Hardware Secrets and go out and buy one.  Nothing will ruin your day like watching a power surge completely destroy your PC.  The difficulty in picking a surge protector is figuring out which ones actually provide the amount of protection you need.  To help you in your quest, Hardware Secrets has pulled some apart, to show you the various ways that protectors help, from the types of fuses/breakers to line filtering.

“Most users want (and should) protect their valuable equipment. Surge suppressors, which are also known by other names such as surge protectors, noise suppressors, transient filters, line filters and TVSS (Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor), protect your equipment by removing noise and spikes coming from the power grid – and sometimes also from the telephone line and from the satellite or cable TV line, if you have a suppressor with this option. But how do they work? What components do they have inside? How can you differentiate a good product from a bad product? Read on.”

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