With the Eee from ASUS finally being sold, and released to reviewers, we can expect to see lots of reviews of this slightly more expensive than advertised, but still small and light notebook to appear.  Normal, well adjusted sites, like us here at PC Perspective, opened up the Eee to test how well it runs and what software it comes with.  Other, morally challenged, sites like TweakTown took the arrival of an Eee in their testing labs as an invitation to strip it naked and start peering at it’s innards.  Head on over … if you are into that kind of stuff.

“We decided that once the finalized product is out, there will be streams of people out there doing similar types of reviews, telling you how fast it runs and what its benefits are along with how it should be used. I can already sum that up in two sentences. It’s cheap, it’s functional and it doesn’t take up a lot of space. It can fulfill the basics that you need a PC for, and it is wireless so you can connect to the web easily. What more do you need?

What indeed? So to make this review more interesting we have decided to look under the Eee PC’s skirt to see what makes her so cute and sexy. We have taken the Eee PC apart to the component level and we are going to divulge each and every bulge. Read on and feast your eyes. Please note the content is slightly risqué.”

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