Bearing the name of one of the Fates (and a certain type of pit viper) is the new mouse from Razer, the Lachesis, and does it ever have a lot on on it, up to and including onboard memory.  The response time is tiny, the maximum DPI is huge and 9 programmable buttons will have you staring at the key mappings of your favorite games for hours trying to figure out the perfect setup.  OCModShop has more info on the current pinnacle of gaming mice.

“Razer’s Lachesis is probably the most advanced and precise gaming mouse ever devised. It uses the brand new 3G Laser Sensor, which brings true 4000dpi precision to your desktop or games by enabling movement speeds of up to 5 times that of a typical gaming mouse (at 800dpi).

Additionally, all nine of Lachesis’ buttons are programmable and has 32KB of onboard memory. It also features 1000Hz Ultrapolling for a 1ms response time. The mouse also features on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment, so you can vary the actual dpi setting (in 125dpi increments). The mouse also has nice professional touches like Zero-Acoustic Ultraslick Teflon feet and a gold-plated USB plug.”

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