boingboing has noticed that an ambitious hacker has finally found a use for Apples failed PDA, the Newton.  Since he lives in Britain, the hack works much better than it does in North America, but the chances are good going on great that this is only a temporary problem.  If you are wondering what exactly this hacker has done, he has turned the Newton into an iPhone … more or less. 

“An intrepid Newton hacker has figured out how to turn Apple’s failed PDA into an almost-fully-functional phone, primarily with the simple addition of the old Nokia Card Phone 2.0 and a headset. Placing calls is a snap, although the Newton can only receive calls when it’s set in a specific mode. Since the hacker, Marcus Hammerschmitt, lives in Europe the card works just fine on their GSM frequencies, but North American Newton lovers looking to iPhone-ify their PDAs will have to find a comparable bit of hardware—if it exists.”

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