If you aren’t a fan of SFF PC’s, then the recent release of AMD’s DTX form factor probably doesn’t excite you too much.  For fans of larger systems, like Extended ATX, why not check out the Cooler Master Cosmos 1000The Tech Report found this quiet giant (37lbs!) to have more than enough space to fit any system you could want to build and looks stylish at the same time.

“I’ve seen this trend play out with my own personal systems. They used to live in monolithic towers that proudly trumpeted their presence with a turbine-like howl, but today they sit quietly in the corner and blend in with the furniture. Perhaps that’s why I was so taken aback by Cooler Master’s new Cosmos 1000 enclosure. This is a full-tower case that harkens back to the days of old, offering plenty of room for Extended ATX motherboards, loads of drive bays, and enough fans to power a small wind tunnel. Unlike the enclosures of my misspent youth, though, the Cosmos has an air of sophistication. It’s all grown up, and more importantly, nearly silent.”

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