The HD 2900 Pro was released to the world without any fanfare, almost as if AMD was embarrassed by it.  Nonetheless, Neoseeker noticed and grabbed one to benchmark.  On the face, the card seemed a fair match up to the 8800GTS 320MB version, but tempted by the similarity to the XT, Neoseeker tried overclocking it.  They were surprised to see it hit a core clock speed of 858 MHz and 1800MHz for the DDR memory, and suddenly it became a whole new card.

“There was no large launch event; no rash of rumors anticipated its arrival. The HD 2900 Pro’s release wasn’t preceded by press-release, fanfare, or parade. The card just sort of happened. You might have heard about it on the net, but if you weren’t paying attention the card may have just slipped under the radar. Come and gone before anyone was the wiser.”

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