For those of you who are metrically challenged, 36cm is just over 14″.  That is the size of the fan than dominates the side of the Tagan El Diablo case.  It dwarfs the 26cm fan at the front, and a 12cm fan is just going to look like some sort of joke, so Tagan didn’t bother including one, though there is a rear bracket if you feel the need for even more airflow.  Read on at Modders-Inc to see what else lies inside El Diablo.

“Tagan has added a new case to its A-plus product line called the El Diablo. The El Diablo two large fans, one 360mm on the side and one 250mm fan on the front. Each fan has separate VR fan speed controls, that will give you full control for optimal performance. With its tool-less design and great cooling it will make for a perfect case for the extreme gamer.”

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