When good computers go bad, everyone suffers, even the routers.  What do you do when your son’s PC sucks up all available bandwidth every time it is plugged into the network, and he isn’t even downloading anything you can get upset about?  I suppose you can at least take comfort in the fact that this won’t happen if your wireless router won’t even acknowledge your existance, or your IDE hard drive.

One solution might be to drop the PC altogether and go with a laptop; an dwhile the lads in the Mobility forum won’t buy the laptop for you, they can at least tell you the best manufacturers to choose from.  Another would be to just abandon the troubleshooting and pick a topic to argue about in TLR, like say … Al Gore splitting a Nobel Peace Prize with the IPCC

Finally a word of warning if you visit any of our high altitude forum members, be careful when you open any chips or pop.