PenStar Systems takes a more general look at the release of the 8800GT, not focusing on the card as much as discussing what G92 may mean to the graphics market.  AMD’s response is the RV670, which offers DX10.1 compatibility and hopefully will give nVIDIA some stiff competition.  The flexibility of these chips may herald a change in the order in which graphics cards are released, for instance the release of the 8800GT, instead of a top of the line example of the next family from nVIDIA.

“Today is the 8800 GT release day. This is the first shot of a new graphics race that will heat up this holiday season, and for quite some time beyond that. For now it is the 8800 GT’s chance to shine, as it is a new price performance champion with products already hitting shelves. But the story for this upcoming month features far more than just the newly released 8800 GT, and we shall see some very interesting moves between both AMD and NVIDIA. If you thought the past was cut-throat, I firmly believe that this November and beyond will see the marketing and product clashes of the past look to be pretty tame.”

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