Any day now, X-bit labs will start giving away free monitors in a desperate attempt to clean up their testing room.  They have probably tested over 100 monitors in the past year, and show no signs of slacking off.  This time they focus on 24″ models, wide screens preferred.  Gamers and movie geeks are allowed argue over which monitor deserves the top spot, but only after they’ve read the full article.

“We’ve covered almost each and every existing diagonal in our LCD monitor roundups, from now-obsolete 15″ models to newest 27″ and 30″ giants, but 23-24-inchers have remained out of our focus for some reason. Today we are going to make up for this omission by offering you a detailed review of 8 eight 23″ and 24″ monitors including solutions from Acer, Apple, Dell, LG, Samsung and ViewSonic.”

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