A few interesting tidbits have leaked out over the weekend, touching on ASUS, AMD, nVIDIA and Crysis.  One of the biggest is the accidental revealing of product boxes for upcoming graphics cards from AMD.  The link that [H]ard|OCP has doesn’t really provide much in the way of new information, but it is nice to have the specs that we have heard out be confirmed.

“The three cards available are the 512MB Radeon HD 3870 and the 512 and 256MB version of the HD 3850, unfortunately only the first and last being actually detailed. The Radeon HD 3870 page includes some interesting information like the core clock which is claimed to be 775 MHz and not the rumored 825 MHz (the memory clock is at 1200 MHz – 2400 MHz DDR as expected). The rest of the specs are in line with the information already available, DirectX 10.1 support, 320 Stream Processors, 256-bit memory interface, Crossfire X support and built-in 5.1 audio.”

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