For the longest time there has been only one type of thermal paste an enthusiast would consider using, Arctic Silver.  This has changed recently, with Arctic Cooling, A.I. Technologies and Tuniq all entering the market with pastes of their own.  TweakTown tries out the newest from these 4 companies, all of which perform better than you might expect.

“Recently, we have been seeing an influx of nonmetallic materials hitting the market and they are all claiming to be able to beat the king. Our recent review of the MX-2 product from Arctic Cooling showed that there was more than just a little truth in these claims. The MX-2 compound is completely non-conductive material and was able to keep a processor cooler than the Arctic Silver 5 compound used as a comparative product.

Today we have two more products to add to the list of those who want your TIM dollars, A.I. Technologies and Tuniq (a subsidiary of Sunbeam). Both have TIM products that are making the same bold claims we have already been hearing, so it is time for a little direct comparison. After taking a look at the two newcomers, we will go forward in a head to head… to head… to head (whew) competition and see just how these products all compare to each other.”

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