ASUS is trying the upgradeable laptop idea again, this time with their C90S.  It comes with a lot already, from a high quality screen, stereo speakers and a finger reader and 4 cooling fans, among other things.  The big feature is that by removing only 4 screws, you have access to the interior of the laptop, and can start swapping out parts.  See how well this worked for Neoseeker in their full review.

“The Asus C90S laptop is a distinctive new breed of portable computing with its user upgradeable hardware. Of course there are those laptop components that are simple enough for the end user to swap out themselves; hard drive, optical drive and memory. Typically though, the processor and graphics card are static, soldered into place for the life of that system. The Asus C90S however allows the end user to easily upgrade both the desktop processor and graphics card within.”

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