Dragon Steel Mods has a look at a mouse that may help your productivity or just confuse your fingers.  It is wireless and sports 9 buttons, including 4 set in a circle just above the scroll wheel.  You may find some of the default button settings useless, but the software allows you to customize the setup so you can get it just the way you want.

“Well USBFever has sent me over a rather inexpensive cordless mouse that is specifically made for everyday office type tasks and even features buttons to be used in MS Word or other applications. The interesting thing about this is that it uses standard ‘AAA’ rechargeable batteries that can be easily replaced or you can even just use regular batteries if you wish, just don’t try and charge them… The charging station takes its’ looks from the Logitech MX1000, but there is no external power supply, everything is powered/recharged via USB. From my time with this mouse I’ve found it to be very capable of everyday tasks, and I also found that it is not for gaming, it’s got a bit too much lag to it for any quick movements…”

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