engadget has done a live blog of Amazon’s launch of their Kindle eBook reader.  It is about the same size and heft of a smaller hardcover book, but an iPod it ain’t.  The interface is unique … but certainly usable, and the 200 book onboard storage will keep you reading from their list of books, blogs, newspapers and magazines for a long time.  The $400 price tag may discourage some from picking the Kindle up, but many others can fall in love with the free WiFi.  You can access the newest content you have bought over any wireless connection, as well as purchasing more books, so no more running out of reading material if you are on vacation.

“Anyone reading yesterday knows today’s the day the Amazon Kindle finally launches, and we’re live from their big (little) launch event in New York. There are maybe a hundred fifty seats (and people are still filing in), so we’ll be getting started here in just a few.”

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