We know the prices of the 8800GT and 8800GTS are rather far apart, but the performance is not.  nVIDIA has tried to remedy that by releasing a special edition GTS that has 112 shader processors, as opposed to the original 96, but still remains on the G80 core.  Hardware Canucks gave the new EVGA 8800GTS 640MB version a try, and it looks like this card is a bust except in certain specific situations.

Read Ryan’s review of the 8800GT for a look at why the GTS is essentially extinct.

“With all the hoopla flying around the 8800GT, the release of EVGA’s new SSC Edition has gone almost completely under the radar. This is a shame because at about $375CAD it could present a potential alternative to customers left out in the cold by the lack of 8800GT stock. With it, you get EVGA’s legendary Lifetime Warranty, Step-Up program and second-to-none customer service.”

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