Tech-Hounds has posted a review that is not short on choices by any means.  Seven P35 based boards are reviewed, with ASUS, Gigabyte and MSI all represented.  If the price of DDR3 and an X38 chipset is scaring you away from a Christmas upgrade, then peek through these boards, you are bound to find at least one that tempts you to pull out your wallet.

“Thanks to advancements in design and fabrication process, the upgrades you’re likely get this quarter won’t be as expensive as the ones early birds had to make early this year – though they are about the same in performance. For example, the GeForce 8800GT will cost less than the GeForce 8800GTS, offer more features (a universal video decoder much like the ones on NVIDIA’s GeForce 8600 series), but offer performance close to or even surpassing the ‘old’ GeForce 8800GTS. Intel’s latest dual core Wolfdale and quad core Yorkfield will offer slightly more performance – rough estimates is about 5 to 10 percent faster – with much better thermal dissipation and performance per watt. It also helps that the quad core Yorkfield will only cost between US$ 250 to 300 -about the same price as the Core 2 Duo was when it was first announced.

So what’s the catch? Well, there’s always one, isn’t? If you want to use Intel’s latest and greatest processor, you’ll have to shelf out the bucks for a new motherboard which supports these processors – that would be Intel’s Generation 3 series of chipsets – the G31/33, P35 and X38 chipsets

Today, we will be looking at seven motherboards based on the P35 chipset. Three of them only suppports DDR3 memory, while the rest still uses DDR2 memory modules. They are the ASUS P5K3 and P5K Deluxe, Gigabyte P35T-DQ6 and P35-DS3P, and MSI P35 Diamond, P35 Platinum and P35 Neo.”

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