Tiny notebooks can produce some heat with their 14.1″ screens, but they are nothing compared to the larger gaming style laptops with their 17″ displays and more powerful components.  Evercool’s widescreen laptop cooler, called the Space Station for reasons best known to their marketers, will keep your large laptop nice and cool, although Virtual-Hideout recommends picking up Micro QuietFeet Sticky Feet to help with airflow.

“The problem is that most of these laptops on the higher end of the spectrum are 15″ and 17″ widescreen laptops with the fastest and hottest hardware inside and there just is very little choice when it comes to cooling 17″ widescreen laptops especially. Well today I have for you one such product marketed specifically at the larger widescreen laptops including the 17″ big dogs. It’s from a company called Evercool and it’s called the Space Station Widescreen Cooling Pad. It sports dual 80mm exhaust fans and 4 internal exhaust ports (hence the quad reference) strategically funneled through the unit. Let’s take a closer look and see if this product holds true to cool and hold a large 17″ laptop.”

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