If you consider unlocking all of the guns and vehicles, but not all the maps cheating and a way to ruin your gaming experience, then go browse the forums until more news gets posted.

Now that we’re alone … the Crysis demo has been hacked!  There is a file you can download that will gift you with the vehicles and weaponry that you will slowly accumulate over time laid out for you on a table, and one of the aliens to fight.  Catch the link over at ExtremeTech, and then get a better glimpse at the world of Crysis.  Of course, you do have to restart from scratch, and the gifts aren’t reachable until jsut after you find one of your companions has become somethings lunch, but after that you are free to play as long as you stay away from the center of the island and the frozen ship.

“Rock-Paper-Shotgun reports that hackers have reduced the Crysis demo to ashes. Someone discovered that a whole bunch of stuff, including lots of formerly-locked vehicles and guns, can be made available in the demo map with a few tweaks, downloadable from the RPS link.

Whether this was an oversight on the part of the Crytek developers who created the demo or just dumb luck is up in the air. Crytek folks didn’t immediately respond to requests for comments. The dudes at Blues News helpfully point out that exploiting the demo might spoil the game for those who plan to buy it, so hack at your own risk.”

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