The NZXT Rouge is supposedly the ultimate gaming SFF case, and there are some features that you might expect from a case that makes that claim that are completely missing.  The two biggest omissions would have to be the complete lack of handles, or any way of carrying the box, and the fact that even thought the case is huge for SFF, it only allows the installation of micro-ATX boards.  Nevertheless, Virtual-Hideout decided to give the case a fair trial, and found the case did have enough redeeming factors to rate a good, but not ultimate.

For those with full size cases, I recommend looking at Lee’s review of the enormous Thermalright Inferno IFX-14 CPU Cooler, and it’s accompanying backside cooler.

"Deciding what chassis to house your computer in these days can be an agonizing decision. The selection of computer cases on the market is simply astonishing which tells you it’s a lucrative market segment and everyone wants a piece. Not to mention everybody needs some type of case for their system so just like the selection of automobiles is huge to try to fit every personality and situation, so tries the case market. However it’s not every day that a product launches that simply breaks the normal segment boundaries. NZXT just launched such a product called the Rogue. It’s tagline is "the ultimate gaming SFF chassis". Let’s take a closer look at the specs and see just what’s so different about this new case."

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