Hellgate London is the first MMO designed with DX10 in mind, which gives them some benefits and some problems.  While the DX9 demo showed that many cards can reach over 100+ fps in this game, we were missing out on smoke effects, motion blurring and DX10 shaders.  As [H]ard|OCP’s test show, you can see the differences between the quality of DX10 and DX9, which is rather nice considering how hard you had to squint to see differences in previous titles.  On the other hand you can expect to see around a 45% decrease in frame rates, and the occasional odd rendering error.

“In 2038, London lies in ruins, but will Hellgate: London also lay your video card to waste? We’ll run this new hybrid RPG/FPS through the paces and show you if your video card is up to the task for DX10 in Hellgate!”

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