There are going to be at least 2 camps immediately forming after nVIDIAs new Enthusiast System Architecture hits the market.  There are those who own a laser thermometer and already run a half dozen voltage and temperature tracking programs congruently and average the results will leap for joy at the chance to add yet another set of reading to their statistics.  Then there will be those who want to save clock cycles for gaming and consider stability testing a weekend project, not the purpose of their build.  Whichever camp you decide you fall into, you need to know what nVIDIA is proposing, so read on at The Tech Report.

You can also catch Ryan’s thoughts on this new standard at the top of the page.

“Now most folks probably don’t need or even want to monitor every little system variable from the comfort of their desktop. But enthusiasts aren’t most folks; we baby our PCs, taking great care to carefully tweak their configurations to deliver an uncanny blend of silence, stability, and performance. We want as much information about and control of our hardware as possible, which is why Nvidia has drafted an Enthusiast System Architecture (ESA) specification that aims to standardize hardware monitoring and control over system components. Join us as we explore the ESA spec and the potential it holds.”

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