The VIZO Master Panel II Expansion Interface offers a way to control fans and plug USB and audio etc … into their sockets without needing give your PC a reacharound.  It even gives you an eSATA plug for easing high speed removable storage swapping.  Benchmark Reviews couldn’t find a kitchen sink attachment, but it can certainly do everything else.

If you are looking for more stuff to control with the Master Panel II, read through Lee’s review of the Koolance CPU-330 and VID-282 Waterblocks, which will give you some impressive cooling.

“The VIZO Master Panel II Expansion Interface is a multifunctional controller panel; an updated version to Vizo’s original Master Panel, that brings added provisions and features to where their needed…Up front. Here at Benchmark Reviews we are very familiar with the ongoing revolution in portable media. Wheather its uploading play-lists for an MP3 player or the day’s pictures from a digital camera; everyone wants a convenient way to manage their data without having to fumble around the back of their cases. This popular demand has even driven manufacturers to add the most basic I/O ports to the front of PCs. However, with there being so many proprietary media standards, a convenient and centralized solution is still missing from many if not all case designs, leaving consumers looking to after market solutions for their needs.”

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