The Inquirer has some info that makes AMD’s HD3870 (and 3850) even more attractive, it overclocks well.  The bad news is that it requires a BIOS flash to unlock, so this is a little more risky than just tweaking frequencies.  It isn’t as scary as it sounds, you will need to get used to flashing cards and motherboards if you want to get the most out of your system.

“One solution to the problem is a rather elegant video BIOS upgrade. This upgrade changes the dividers in the GPU, so you’re free to go crazy and unlock the full potential of the card. You could tinker with the card to clock the RV670 chip all the way to 900MHz, massive 123MHz faster than the default clock. If you want more, you have to splash out on a waterblock, but it seems that both Nvidia and AMD have manufactured extremely OC-friendly chips.”

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