The GA-P31-DS3L is a sub $100 motherboard based on the Intel P31 chipset, and is able to support 45nm processors.  As you may guess from the price, it is aimed at those more interested in price than performance.  OCC got a surprise when they tried for performance though, this board was quite capable of reaching a 465MHz FSB when they tried overclocking a E6750!

“The GA-P31-DS3L acts like both Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. As a budget desktop offering, it is the mild mannered Dr. Jekyll. Start playing in the M.I.T. section of the BIOS and Mr. Hyde comes out to play. That can be taken one of two ways, very good or very bad. In this case, it is very good. I was pleasantly surprised to see a budget offering overclocking like some of the better known hardware on the market. I was able to adjust the front side bus up to 465MHz with the default multiplier on the E6750 and stopped at 425×8 with my Q6600 used in this review. In no way was I expecting the overclocking results that I pulled from this board. It was not the best in every benchmarking category, but it was at least comparable to its big brothers’ performance when it was not exceeding their results.”

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