If you haven’t joined up with the Folding@Home crew here at PC Perspective, there are plenty of good reasons.  A great explanation of just what this project is, and what the processing power you donate does, check out this short video on YouTube.  If you have more questions about how F@H helps the problems mentioned in the clip, Stanford and members of the F@H software team have a Talklet site where you can find out more about the history of the project and general questions about the project as well. 

Joining up will also introduce you to the fine crew of members we have, who tend to congregate in our Folding@Home forum.   You can find out more about the Folding Frogs, or just pull a lily pad up in the bar and chat about nothing in particular.  As a free tip, heading over to this site will hook you up with one of the favourite utilities of Folders, and you may also notice our team is famous enough that we are linked on it.

Unless you just want to find aliens instead, or one of the many other BOINC projects PC Perspective participates in.