The Inquirer has read about and announced the death of physics on the GPU.  With Intel’s purchase of HavokFX the likelihood that it will ever be officially supported has pretty much disappeared, meaning no game company will consider it a way to implement physics simulation in their games.  Ageia is probably dancing at this news, and the rest of us should run out and pick up a quad core CPU or two if we want to see things smash prettily.

“At Computex this year, a big focus was put on the ability to run multiple ATI cards and have some compute visuals and some physics – making use of all that horsepower for more than just extra layers of anti-aliasing.

Unfortunately for AMD (and Nvidia, for that matter), all this was being done with a variation of the Havok physics engine called Havok FX. That was, of course, until Intel bought Havok in September. Did you think that Intel was about to let a company it owned deliver a competitive advantage to its rivals? Thought not.”

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