The release of the 8800GT sparked a lot of controversy from 8800GTS owners when they realized a cheaper card could out perform the one they just purchased.  It doesn’t end there however … there have been reports that purchased 8800GT cards are DOA.  This has generated a huge amount of controversy on our forums, and others as well.  Read through the thread, the problems and solutions that have been discussed, and if you have any chance to test out an 8800GT, please let everyone what your experiences are with it.  It would be great to find out if the problems are very isolated, or if they are common.

For something less serious, there is a thread in the processor forum that looks back at some 4 year old news that really upset a lot of people when AMD announced it.  Check out how the times have changed.  In other cases the change is much slower, like the shift to PCI Express.  It looks like AGP is not disappearing as quickly as many though it would.

You should also head over to the Trading Post to see if you can’t sell your fellow PCPers enough of your gear that you can afford to build a Crysis rig, hopefully by buying most of the parts from the Trading Post as well!